St. Peter Woolen Mill

About the St. Peter Woolen Mill

St. Patrick Woolen Mill

Minnesota's Only Custom Woolen Mill.
Proudly Serving our customers for 150 years!

The St. Peter Woolen Mill is located one block East of Highway 169 at the corner of West Broadway and Front Street in downtown St. Peter, Minnesota.

Group tours are available by appointment : 1-800-208-9821
Business hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday

The History of the St. Peter Woolen Mill

Located around a bend in the Minnesota River, the St. Peter Woolen Mill resides in the heart of the quaint town of St. Peter, Minnesota. The St. Peter Woolen Mill was established in 1867 to custom process wool for sheep ranchers in LeSueur and Nicollet Counties.

John and Margaret BrinkerCharles and Evelyn Brinker

A family tradition and dedication to quality began when John Charles Brinker and wife Margaret purchased the woolen mill from Edward Borneman in 1912. The Brinker family has been the foundation of the St. Peter Woolen Mill since. After John Charles Brinker passed away in 1931, his son Charles Henry and wife Evelyn inherited the St. Peter Woolen Mill.

Throughout this Brinker generation, the woolen mill was temporarily expanded to include a hatchery. After Charles Henry became ill, Evelyn continued to operate the woolen mill until 1954 when her son, Charles Eugene Brinker, who had grown up in the business, and wife Mary Lue purchased it.

Mary Lue's lambCharles and Mary Lue Brinker

The family business continued to expand with the addition of Mary Lue's Yarn & Quilt Shop in 1965. Tragedy hit the St. Peter Woolen Mill when a 1998 tornado nearly destroyed the business. Following completion of the reconstruction process in 1999, the fourth Brinker generation, Patricia Johnson and Peggy Grey, assumed responsibility of the business.

Today, the St. Peter Woolen Mill is one of only five mills in the United States which does custom wool processing and will return a customer's own wool as a finished or semi-finished wool bedding product. Think about refurbishing an heirloom quilt or freshen up your well-used comforter. The St. Peter Woolen Mill's wool products reflect the family emphasis of the business. Wool-filled comforters and wool mattress pads are heirlooms, passed from one generation to the next.

A result of the St. Peter Woolen Mill's dedication to quality is the Nature's Comfort line. The Nature's Comfort line includes a wool-filled comforter, wool pillow and a wool mattress pad. Make an investment in your comfort. Design your bedroom in luxury and discover the magic of wool for the rest of your life.